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Hello dear followers!!

I need some help.
I’m starting commissions!! To support my kitten. I am working 2 part time jobs while attending college, but it still isn’t enough.
My kitten had a severe injury before and that was $400 spent at the emergency. I had to borrow money from friends and get donations… I’d really hate for that to happen again, but my kitten is a little too playful and a troublemaker.

So…here it goes. I do digital and traditional art, but I feel that I am better with traditional.
I also do draw nsfw things and I do not mind drawing/painting those either.

If you choose traditional, I don’t mind sending the art to you by mail if You give me your address! (:

Head to shoulder $5
Head to waist $7
Full body $10

Head to shoulder $10
Head to waist $13
Full body $15

Please signal boost by reblogging!! I’d really appreciate it!!

Thanks so much!

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